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Texas, United States


road sever silicon
super seal low med

road sever

A uniquely formulated low modulus non-sag sealant produced for sealing  joints in Portland Cement, Roadsaver silicone sealant is compatible with  asphalt pavement .
Pavements in all climates .
Jet-blast resistant and will maintain field serviceability when exposed to intermittent fuel and oil spills .
The sealant bonds strongly to Portland cement concrete joints without the use of a primer .
super seal low med
Hot-Applied used to seal joints in Portland cement concrete .
Pavements in moderate to cold climates .
Superseal low-mod was developed through a cooperative research project with the U.S. Army engineer .
Jet fuel resistant sealant .
Federal Specification-SS-S-1614A .
ASTM D7116 Physical Requirements .
ASTM D3569 NS Requirements .